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Stand for Salmon Action

Stand for Salmon Action

Alaskan fishing communities are clear: it’s time to strengthen protections for the state’s salmon rivers. Almost 60 years old, the law governing development in salmon habitat lacks modern, science-based standards to protect salmon as the state grows. Meanwhile, large development projects – such as the proposed Pebble Mine – threaten salmon habitat across Alaska. Wild Salmon Center and our partners at the Stand for Salmon coalition are working to update the law. We need a groundswell of support from salmon advocates everywhere to support this work. Learn more and join the campaign below.

More about this campaign

Alaska’s tens of thousands of undeveloped rivers, lakes, and streams make it the greatest salmon landscape left in North America. Salmon drive a $2 billion commercial fishing economy statewide; they are the heart of thriving sport fisheries; and they are the foundation of a traditional way of life for tens of thousands of Alaska Natives.  But the state also depends heavily on natural resource extraction for economic growth.

Stand for Salmon is trying to strike a balance between growth and salmon habitat protection. The legal updates would implement scientific standards and greater public scrutiny for major development projects in Alaska. This will ensure that major projects don’t do long-term harm to salmon habitat, as Alaska continues to grow and develop.

Wild Salmon Center staff in Alaska are working with Stand for Salmon to improve habitat protection for wild salmon in Alaska.

We encourage you to go to the Stand for Salmon website to learn more and to chip in a few dollars to the effort.


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